Product Guarantee

Lifetime Structural Guarantee

Northern Wide Plank Flooring is dedicated to providing our clients with solid and engineered wood flooring and wall paneling of superior quality and exceptional beauty. By crafting each wooden plank as if it were going into our own home, we guarantee our product, to be free of milling defects, delamination, and improper grading for the lifetime of the floor.

Lifetime Finish Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple. We guarantee that our Hardwax Oil finish will not crack, flake, peel or blister for the lifetime of the floor. It is water-repellent, dirt-resistant, and washable and is resistant even to high traffic and most liquid spills. Our oil finished floors must be maintained in order to provide adequate protection and lustre, and are meant to be periodically re-oiled. When properly cared for, our Hardwax Oil finished floors will last virtually forever and will never have to be sanded. Our Cleaning and Care Guide for Oil and Hardwax Oil helps you get the most out of your floor and keep it looking beautiful.

Installer / Home Owner

At Northern Wide Plank Flooring each and every wooden plank is subject to rigorous quality inspection throughout the manufacturing process. Our wood flooring is manufactured to exceed the established industry quality standards that permit a grading variance and defect tolerance of up to 5%. The installer/homeowner is considered to be the final inspector of milling, grade, and finish and will take full responsibility. The installer/homeowner must use common sense when installing, when in doubt leave it out. Any wooden plank that is installed will be considered acceptable by Installer/Homeowner, and will not be subject to claim or replacement. In the unlikely event of a flawed wooden plank that appears after installation, Northern Wide Plank Flooring will be responsible for the replacement of the material only. Before installing your Northern Wide Plank Floor, the installer must verify the installation environment, installation methods and subfloors involved meet or exceed all the requirements specified in the Northern Wide Plank Installation and Finishing Guide. Northern Wide Plank Flooring guaranties do not cover indentations, scratches or damages caused by improper handling, installation, water, negligence, flooding, fire, furniture, shoes of all types, pebbles, sand and other abrasives, pets, insects, and further more Northern Wide Plank Flooring will not guarantee product that is faulty from installation, neglect, extreme environmental conditions, or improper storage of product. The subfloor is the responsibility of the installer. Failure of Northern Wide Plank solid or engineered wood flooring relating to the subfloor, in any manner, is not the responsibility of Northern Wide Plank Flooring and is not covered by the guarantee. Failure of Northern Wide Plank solid or engineered wood flooring relating to improper installation or job site conditions is not covered by the guarantee. Small cracks or damages that develop from improper humidification or dehumidification, improper moisture control, flooding, and excessive drying will not be covered by the guarantee. Expansion and contraction of a wood floor with the changing of the seasons is normal and may have a cupping effect which is not covered by this guarantee. It is recommended that you maintain a relative humidity of 40%-60% in your home to minimize this effect and movement in your wide plank floor. Temperature in a home should be in the range of 18-22ºC. The installer/homeowner is responsible to inspect wooden planks prior to installation. Northern Wide Plank Flooring accepts no responsibility for costs of product or labor when boards with visible defects have been installed. Natural wood characteristics such as variations, mineral streaks, grain, and knots are not considered defects. You may encounter mild color variations from board to board, or when replacing damaged boards with new product due to age, species and exposure to ultraviolet sunlight. Also normal exposure to sunlight will cause fading/darkening to any floor depending on the species of the floor. Area rugs should be moved occasionally as they block sunlight and may give the appearance of the floor discoloring under the rug; this discoloring is not considered a product defect and is not covered under the guarantee.