Dating back to the early 1800’s, Reclaimed Hemlock planks are restored from century old barns that represented the ingenuity and integrity of the early settlers that braved an often harsh and foreboding frontier.  With coloration ranging from amber to deep malt brown, Hemlock’s distinct grain and wagon wheel knots amplify a naturally distressed look that radiates a warm and enduring character.

Smokehouse brings out a dark richness, and rustic feel that suit both a refined and Arcadian setting.

Species: Reclaimed Hemlock
Origin: Ontario, Canada – Old Barns
Genuine Reclaimed
Surface: Hit & Miss Surface
Edges: Eased
Thickness: 19 mm (3/4”) Engineered (5 mm Top Layer)*
Widths: Random Width mixture – 102 mm (4”) – 229 mm (9”)
Lengths: 900 mm (36”) – 3600 mm (144”) with occasional shorter piece
Substrate: 100% Baltic Birch Multiplex Plywood**
Finish: Hardwax Oil UV
Shade: Dark
Colour Variation: High

*Top layer thickness is measured prior to the finishing process. Finishing processes such as skip planing will affect the overall thickness.

** Based upon the use of formaldehyde-free glues, Artifax Collection floors are in full compliance with CARB2 formaldehyde emissions regulations.