Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Todd Hewines
December 03, 2020

Colour tones, textures and format play a large role in the selection of the perfect wood floor for your project but one of the most important deciding factors, although unseen* once installed, is the construction of the planks. NWP specialty wood floors are constructed using an engineered format consisting of a hardwood top layer and a baltic birch multi ply substrate. Although it sounds simple the process to arriving at the finished result is extensive and starts with the drying treatment of the raw lumber.


Raw lumber is dried in kilns to bring it to a suitable moisture content that is needed for a structurally sound floor. This is especially important for floors being installed in homes where there are large humidity fluctuations from the summer to winter seasons. The drying process can take up to 3 days and involves constantly being monitored for moisture content as it slowly uses a combination of heat and moisture to safely bring it to the correct moisture content without it splitting, cracking or warping.


Once the drying process is complete the raw lumber is sawn into lamellas (the hardwood top layer) on average three top layers come from one plank making more efficient use of the raw materials. After sawing, lamellas are planed, defected and sorted for grade ie; select and character.


Lamellas are then bonded to a baltic birch substrate the same width as the lamella. At this station lamellas are once again inspected, before gluing, for quality and to minimize waste. This is another important process that must ensure a strong bond between the top layer and substrate while ensuring the planks remain flat especially with widths up to 11 inches and lengths up to 12 feet. The significance of a bond between the hardwood top layer and multiplex birch substrate is that the cross-layering effect enables the floor to be more stable and have greater resistance to moisture when compared to Solid flooring.

The combination of attention to detail and unique methodologies that NWP has developed, through extensive testing and development, allow for more options and greater confidence when selecting a wide plank floor. NWP engineered wood floors embody your individual style and taste. They are the one constant in any interior design, connecting both form and function with the beauty and elegance that can only be found in natural wide plank wood flooring.

Why choose a NWP engineered wide plank floor:

Beautiful handcrafted wide plank floors with the same look and feel as a solid floor.

Ideal for in-floor radiant heating.

The same wear layer thickness as solid wood flooring with equal lifetime serviceability.

*Greater stability to resist cupping and gapping of the floor caused by seasonal changes in humidity.

A sustainable solution that uses less of our finite resources such as antique timbers.

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