Commitment to The Craft

Commitment to The Craft

Todd Hewines
February 10, 2022

You are devoted to creating spaces that inspire.

Like the spaces you create, we are committed to craftsmanship that stands the test of time. This commitment takes us on a journey to implement new advancements in our creative capabilities, craftsmanship, and manufacturing processes, to complement your vision and help you discover new possibilities. Below is a peek into the advancements NWP is implementing and investing in, starting this year, to stay true to our values and pursuit of being an industry leader.


    Installation of a new bandsaw, capable of producing up to 19" wide hardwood lamellas (top layers).

    Structure one enclosed and concrete poured for the near completion of our custom shop expansion, allowing for additional creative processes and output for custom matching components to your floor.


    Breaking ground in the Fall of 2021, expansions have begun on NWP's current manufacturing facilities situated on 14 acres, just a short drive North of Toronto. Scheduled for completion by December 2022 the expansion includes:

    • Additional 40,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space
    • Increased production efficiency and output
    • Making way for additional processes to enhance creative capabilities

    See behind the scenes of our manufacturing

    Aerial view of early groundbreaking for the expansion at NWP's main manufacturing and warehouse location in Schomberg, Canada


    It's the combination of an artisanal approach and cutting-edge technology that results in an aesthetically pleasing floor that can be walked on for life. This is why we have invested in the reinvention of some of our main production lines. Over the next year and a half, multiple new pieces of machinery and complete production lines will be installed that continue to advance the quality and attention to detail that we've become known for.

    • New milling line from Italy for more precise tolerances
    • New top layer processing lines from Germany will increase capacity and result in more sustainable and efficient use of our natural resources
    • A new substrate production line that will use local materials eliminating long-distance shipping and reducing the carbon footprint of our flooring production
    • New packaging line for improved protection of finished product and increased output efficiency

      More to come…

      Manufacturing at NWP Schomberg factory. Above: Processing of White Oak top layers.
      Below: Finished top layers being sorted for gluing to substrate.


      Like so many exceptional things from France, its refined qualities and timeless characteristics are highly coveted in the design world. For now, that's all we can say.

      Browse our flooring collections and explore the unique story that defines each one

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