Design Details - Stair Treads

Design Details - Stair Treads

Todd Hewines
October 14, 2021

There are many small details responsible for making a big impact in your design and ultimately bringing your vision to life.

As a manufacturer of specialty wood flooring, that has been privileged to be a part of some extraordinary residential and commercial projects across the globe, we understand the level of detail that is required to bring the desired results for an inspirational space. 

Beyond the creative options available within our flooring collections, NWP also creates complementing components to help elevate the design to your desired level of detail. One of those components is stair treads. When you order a specialty wood floor from NWP, you have the option of choosing matching stair treads for your design. Stair treads are handcrafted in our custom shop right alongside your flooring.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing matching stair treads for your project.


Rather than your stair treads being made onsite and then later finished to match the floor, NWP stair treads are handcrafted from the exact same material as your flooring; the result being a perfect match in every detail from the overall colour tone and texture to the sheen level. 

This is especially important when considering a floor that is wire brushed or has an original/sawn surface. Matching the colour tone onsite is one thing but the overall texture and sheen level is not the same and tends to break up that seamless flow from your floor to the stairs.

Matching box treads on a cantilevered staircase at a custom home in Oregon by Scott Edwards Architecture

Matching stair treads in Seattle office space by SkB Architects



NWP’s craftspeople are up to the challenge, whether it be a standard riser and tread set up or cantilevered box treads, their attention to detail and capabilities for building an aesthetically pleasing yet functional component are what makes for a stunning result. Their meticulous eye for detail makes sure that even the smallest parts get the right treatment for a perfect match. If your floor is wire brushed, the matching stair parts get the same treatment to ensure even the beveled edges on the tread get wire brushed and then oiled for a seamless look.

In the custom shop; Routing the bevel on a box tread for a cantilever staircase

In the custom shop; Adding the finishing touches, applying oil to the bevels to complete this set of box treads going to a project in California



Made from the same prefinished flooring material, NWP stair treads are a durable and stable option due to their engineered construction. Crafting stair parts from the prefinished material allows for flexibility in terms of style and dimensions while not sacrificing structural integrity. 

In environments where humidity levels fluctuate, a solid tread faces much more pressure and therefore can expand or contract more easily causing checking or cracks in the surface. While still possible to happen to an engineered stair tread if humidity levels in the space are drastic, they have a much better chance at staying stable in adverse conditions with little movement due to the engineered construction.

Solid core engineered treads, made from Storm European oak, finished on all sides for a floating staircase.

In the custom shop; engineered pre-finished flooring, being glued into stair treads

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