Vileda UltraSpeed Pro Double Bucket Mopping System

For Hardwood Floors or whatever your cleaning requirements, UltraSpeed Pro will dramatically improve your speed, performance, versatility and ergonomics.

Compared to current bucket-and-press systems, the UltraSpeed Pro flat mopping system outperforms them in every aspect.

  • Clean over 8000'sqft* per hour (single step) or 3800'sqft** (two-step)
  • Faster wringing - simple to use and twice as fast***
  • Efficient press - releases up to 50% more water***
  • Floors dry faster – reduce slip hazards
  • Hygienic – no hand contact with mops or cleaning solution
  • Easy to use - no training required
  • Compact - small footprint for space saving storage
  • Ergonomic – lightweight, no bending to wring.

* Calculations based on figures from Figr (independent German research and testing institute for Facility Management)

** Figures from Figr

*** Compared to leading flat mop bucket and press systems