As a client, you expect the flexibility to build on your own personal vision. Due to its great receptivity to many different colour pigment treatments and finishing techniques, Northern Wide Plank White Oak offers the canvas for you to do just that. A slow-growth hardwood, White Oak has the versatility to achieve virtually any effect you could wish for - from the traditional to the avant-garde.

The rich mocha hue accentuates the warmth of this floor.

Species: White Oak
Origin: Northeastern USA
Grade: Character / Select
Surface: Sanded
Edges: Micro Beveled
Thickness: 20 mm (3/4”) Engineered (6 mm Top Layer)*
Widths: 178 mm (7”) / 229mm (9") / 280mm (11")
Lengths: 900 mm (36”) – 3600 mm (144”) with occasional shorter piece
Substrate: 100% Baltic Birch Multiplex Plywood**
Finish: Hardwax Oil UV
Shade: Dark
Colour Variation: Low

*Top layer thickness is measured prior to the finishing process. Finishing processes such as brushing will affect the overall thickness.

 ** Based upon the use of formaldehyde-free glues, Iconic Collection floors are in full compliance with CARB2 formaldehyde emissions regulations.