Dating back to the early 1800’s, Reclaimed Hemlock planks are restored from century-old barns that represented the ingenuity and integrity of the early settlers. With coloration ranging from amber to deep malt brown, Hemlock’s distinct grain and wagon wheel knots amplify a naturally distressed look that radiates a warm and enduring character.

Trailhead is created by planing and brushing the surface of old hemlock barn material and applying dark pigments and Hardwax Oil to bring out a dark richness, and rustic feel. 

Species: Reclaimed Hemlock
Origin: Ontario, Canada – Old Barns
Genuine Reclaimed
Surface: Brushed Surface
Edges: Eased
Thickness: 19 mm (3/4”) Engineered (5 mm Top Layer)*
Widths: Random Width mixture – 102 mm (4”) – 229 mm (9”)
Lengths: 900 mm (36”) – 3600 mm (144”) with occasional shorter piece
Substrate: 100% Baltic Birch Multiplex Plywood**
Finish: Hardwax Oil UV
Shade: Dark
Colour Variation: Medium

*Top layer thickness is measured prior to the finishing process. Finishing processes such as skip planing will affect the overall thickness.

** Based upon the use of formaldehyde-free glues, Artifax Collection floors are in full compliance with CARB2 formaldehyde emissions regulations.